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GSM Communicator<br /> LK-120S
GSM Communicator
Item No.   LK-120S
. The LK-120S Alarm Communicator transmits
the voice and SMS messages to the recipients
via the GSM system. The tranmission range is
unlimited as long as the receivers are within the
coverage of the GSM signals.
. 5 channel alarm I/P's
. 5 voice messages   
. 5 SMS messages
. 10 landline or cellphone numbers
- Power supply: AC110V / AC220V
- Back power (optional): a 12V / 1.2AH battery
- Power consumption: 2A (Instant highest), 350mA (working), 150mA (standby)
- Dual-Band UMTS/HSPA+900/2100MHz (3G/4G)
- Dual-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz (3G/4G)
- Antenna: SMARF
- External antenna (optional): 3 meters long
- Voice and SMS messages: 5 independant sets (4 N.C. loop, 1 24-hours N.O. loop)
- Length of voice messages: 20 seconds maximum
- Length of SMS message: 70 letters maximum
- Number of recipients: up to 10 phone numbers (landline or cellphone, each 25 digit maximum)
- Outputs: one dry contact relay output, one system setting instruction LED output
- Power output: DC13.8V/1A, DC12V (battery charging / discharging loop)
- Built-in power transformer: 24 VA
- Dimensions: 213W x 300H x 70D mm

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